Letzte Änderungen

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.8 of 2013-12-11:

Terminal Emulator:

  • Added support for Windows 8.
  • Fixed mouse click select functionality while selecting words.
  • Fixed Protected Area support for Wyse terminal.
FTP Client, Batch FTP:
  • Added support for Windows 8.

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.7 of 2012-11-23:

Terminal Emulator:

  • Fixed local echo functionality.
  • Fixed opening serial port devices.
  • Fixed support for executing print, keylabel and execute scripts for AIX systems.
  • Fixed support for DBCS (double-byte character sets).
  • Added support for using IME Editor used to input DBCS characters.
  • Added XModem functionality to the COM+ interface.
  • Fixed support for parameters passed by execute script.
  • Added SOCKS Proxy for Telnet and SSL protocols. In the Configuration File (*.ct) one can configure following settings:


Featured in CryptoTerm 1.6 of 2011-11-14:

Terminal Emulator:

  • Added ability to use macros for all emulations.
    In previous versions macros were available only for TN3270 emulation.
    Example Excel sheet, for emulations other than TN3270 can be found at this link.
  • Added ability to Highlight Items displayed on the screen.
    There is possibility to use hierarchical list to search and highlight text using regular expressions.
  • Extended functionalities for supporting Screen Buffer:
    - ability to enable / disable Scrollbar,
    - ability to set the Buffer Size in lines,
    - ability to lock the Scrollbar position.
  • Extended ability for logging session:
    - added 'Log' button to the Toolbar,
    - possibility to format the name of the log file.
  • Fixed problems with displaying Chinese (SimSun Character Map) characters and CHINESE GB2312 script (ISO-2022 Simplefied Chinese conversion).
  • Added ability to use environment variables in file paths and auto-login.

FTP Client:

  • Added support of files containing spaces at the beginning or at the end of the file name.
  • Fixed errors, occuring on some old servers, while changing working directory.
  • Fixed error occurring in the operating system in countries that has no Daylight Savings Time change.

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.5 of 2011-04-08:

  • Added the Cisco break key sequence combination.
    Control + Break (Pause) keyboard shortcut is sending the break signal for serial port connections.
    This functionality fixes the problem with password recovery for Cisco routers.
    CryptoTerm can work now as Cisco Serial Console Terminal.
  • Displaying extended information about serial connection in the status bar (port number and transmission parameters).
  • Fixed Ctrl + Break (Pause) keyboard mapping.
  • Added ability to use environment variables of Windows operating system in the Configuration | Logging | Send fields.
    For example one can use the %USERNAME% variable to send logged user name to the host.
  • Extended possibility to map the macro to the keys, buttons displayed on the screen and mouse buttons.
    Now it works for all emulations (in the previous versions only for TN3270).
  • Fixed problem with sending information about current codepage for TN3270 emulation.
    For emulation TN3270 in some cases old versions of CryptoTerm sends wrong information to the mainframe about current codepage/charset.
  • Added ability to manipulate the splash screen behavior.

    To disable display splash screen one should add to the cryptoterm.ini file:

    To show splash screen:

    To configure the display time period of splash screen:
    DELAY=3000 (numeric value - milliseconds, max 30 sec., set 0 to switch off the delay)

    To display additional banner:
    BANNER=filename (the banner size is: 440x128 pixels, supported formats: bmp, gif, jpg).
  • Ability to ignore TCP/IP errors during reconnecting.
    The option Configuration | Settings | Reconnect after disconnecting did not work, if messages with errors were displayed.
    To ignore messages one can add to the configuration file (*.ct):

    To set the count of connecting attempts:

    RECONNECT_COUNT=0 (0 - without counting, default is 3, max count is 30000).

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.4 of 2010-12-03:

Terminal Emulator:

  • Added the text session logging functionality.
    Incoming data from a remote system can be written without the control characters of individual programs (e.g. no information is written like an inscription - More - that appears at the bottom of the screen).
  • Added support for OpenSC library.
    OpenSC is open source library that allows using PKCS#11 devices.
  • Added the ability to perform the Cut operation on the selected text in the emulation tn3270.
    Selected text is copied to the clipboard and removed from the editable fields.
  • Fixed DECUDK order allowing remote modification of the sequence sent by the function keys.
  • Extend the functionality of maintaining the connection (keepalive).
    Added an option that allows sending any sequence of characters.

FTP Client:

  • Modernization of the auto-logon.
    Handling the case where the Password field is not filled. In previous versions, sending the password was omitted.
  • Added support for OpenSC library.
    OpenSC is open source library that allows using PKCS#11 devices.
  • Added new commands in a batch FTP client.
    mputdelete - after the standard mput command, source files (from the local system) are removed.
    putdelete - after the command put a standard source file (from the local system) is removed.
    mgetdelete - after the standard mget command, source files (from a remote system) are removed.
    getdelete - after the standard command get, the source file (from a remote system) is removed.
    delete file_name - command deletes a file named file_name.

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.3 of 2010-05-20:

  • Added German language translation.
  • Extending the functionality of connections made using RS232 serial ports:
    • Supports serial devices numbered 1-16 instead of 1-4.
    • Increases the list of possible transmission speed.
  • Corrected drawing boxes on the UTF-8 code page for Wyse60 emulation.
  • For some languages fixed selection of http links on the screen.
  • Fixed problem with cursor behavior while inserting new line in vi editor, for xterm and VT family emulations.
  • Left Alt + Space key combination opens the system menu for CryptoTerm window.

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.2 of 2010-01-05:

  • Compatible with Windows 7.
  • Added 256-color support for xterm emulation.
  • Extended Print Screen functionality.
    • During the Print operation the contents of the boxes: Send before printing and Run after printing can be used. These options can be used to transmit control codes, or add your own header print.
    • Added option: Print terminal status line.
  • Improving the security of configuration.
    • Added Lock saving configuration files option. Configuration files can be read-only.
    • Added Disable local menu option. The local popup menu will not appear when clicking the right mouse button.
  • Extending the functionality of the Toolbar.
    • Added new Toolbar buttons: Profiles (displays a list of configured connections) and Print Screen (prints the content of the screen).
    • Ability to configure Toolbar buttons visibility.

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.12 of 2009-09-03:

Terminal Emulator:

  • Expanded Screen Printing (the PrtScr key):
    • Added ability to send the content of any file to the printer before printing,
    • Added possibility to run any program after the end of printing.

FTP Client:

  • Fixed transfer of large files in text mode for the sftp protocol.

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.11 of 2009-07-21:

Terminal Emulator:

  • Fixed problem with displaying US standard (101 keys) keyboard in mapping module.
  • Added ability to choose color for displayed URL links.

FTP Client:

  • Fixed displaying localized, international texts in the Message Window.

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.1 of 2009-05-21:

  • Added support for keeping session active (keepalive) - telnet, ssl/tls and ssh protocols.
  • Added support for coloring fields in Background mode (wyse emulation).
  • Ability to set a custom size of the screen defined by the user.
  • Added support for passing parameter to macro stored in vbs format. The parameter is a session name in which context the script is to be run.
  • Passing the parameter with actual session name to vbs macro executed from CryptoTerm terminal emulator.
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